Peru, Brazil

This year is very intense. Just 2 weeks after Norway I am going to start another concert tour. This time I will come back to the South America again! Peru (Lima) and Brazil (São Paulo, União da Vitória, Florianopolis). In Poland the winter is coming, so it will be nice to experience some warm weather for 3 weeks!

Norwegian Tour finished

The great Norwegian Tour 2017 has finished yesterday. I am extremely happy to announce that in all the places I have performed I will come back very soon! On this tour I have performed in Kongsberg, Nittedal, Porsgrunn, Eidsvoll, Mandal and Farsund. I have also hold a masterclass for the students at the University of Agder, Kristiansand. Everywhere I played the conditions were marvellous: new, fantastic pianos (everywhere except Farsund concert Steinways), great acoustic, lovely audience. I am looking forward to coming back to these concert halls again next year!

Norwegian Tour 2017

I am so happy to come back to Norway again! This time I will visit 7 cities: Kongsberg, Nittedal, Porsgrunn, Eidsvoll, Mandal, Farsund and Kristiansand. I will perform 3 programs: "Chopin in words and tunes", "Music for the soul" and "Masterpieces for the piano". I will perform pieces by Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss, Liszt, Rachmaninoff and Schumann. I am looking forward to this tour!

Akkord Music Produce

I am very happy to announce that after a spectacular solo debut in Japan (5.07.2017) I am now exclusively represented in Japan by the Akkord Music Produce. Thanks to this cooperation I will be visiting Japan as often as possible. I love to perform music for sensitive Japanese audience!

Finishing Ecuador tour

Last night I have finished my Ecuadorian tour with a concert in fantastic Teatro Sucre in Cuenca. What a gorgeus place! What an amazing audience, reacting with standing ovations not only at the end of the recital, but also in the middle! Thank you! This makes me feel special for you. Performing Bach's concerto in D minor in the second half with the Orchestra de Camera de Universidad de Guayaquil and maestro Fernando Gil was also a huge pleasure. I will be back in Ecuador! Now it's time to focus on my Japanese tour which week..

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Music is a moral law.
It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination, and charm, 
and gaiety to life and to everything.