Fully booked for 2017, half booked for 2018. Soon my intense concert schedule is going to start:
27.06 - Spangenreid, Norway
3-11.07 – Tokyo, Japan (5.07 – recital at Toyosu Civic Center Hall)
31.07 – Bergen, Norway – Recital during the Festival "Grieg in Bergen"
5-21.08 – Ecuador tour (Quito,Guayaquil,Cuenca – 5 concerts)
25.08 - 9.09 – Japan tour (Aomori, Hakodate, Sapporo, Asahikawa, Obihiro)
9-22.10 – Norway tour (Kongsberg, Nittedal, Porsgrunn, Eidsvoll, Mandal, Farsund, Kristiansand)
14-22.11 – Brazil (Uniao da Vitoria, Florianopolis)
15-20.12 – Zanzibar, Tanzania (Dhow Countries Music Academy, Zanzibar Bandas)
13-20.01 – Japan tour (Yachiyo Chiba,Tokyo,Nagoya, Osaka)
9-15.02 – Norway tour (Ullensaker, Os, Fosnavag, Storfjord, Arnes, Oslo)
15-16.05 – Oslo – Norwegian Academy or Music
August – Colombia, Peru, Ecuador tour

17th of May

Today, the 17th of May, is the National Day of Norway. The day when Norway got it's Constitution. A very important date for evey Norwegian. I am performing in Norway every year since 7 years already. I am very happy to announce that this year and February 2018 I will visit quite a few new places in this country – beautiful cities in which I have never performed before. Among them are: Bergen, Kongsberg, Nittedal, Porsgrunn, Storfjord, Os. I am looking forward to me exciting Norwegian tours!

Demanding but rewarding year

This year is definitely the most demanding when it comes to the quantity of music which I must prepare for concerts. It's going to be a true test and a real challenge. It is around 350 minutes of music: 6 Sonatas (2 Beethoven's, Mozart, Grieg, Schubert, Chopin), Piano Concerto by Bach, music by Chopin (5 Valses, 4 Nocturnes, 5 Etudes, Ballade in G minor, Scherzo in B flat minor, Fantasy-Impromptu, 8 Mazurkas), Liszt (La Campanella, Rigoletto Pharaphrase, 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody, Grieg (Peery Gynt Suite, song transcription), Rachmaninoff (Prelude G minor) and 1 hour program of music by Wang Jianzhong. Some of the pieces are completely new, some I already have in my repertoire. But to make them all ready almost at the same time is something I have never experienced before. The only way to do it is a perfect organization of time and work. I am sure that this year I will learn a lot. And playing so many masterpieces, sharing them with the audience, is the best reward for this hard work.

Magic date

177 years ago my beloved composer was born - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. His music always touched my heart since I was a very young kid. When I was 15 years old I already knew all his symphonies, songs, operas....And this love is still very strong. Happy Birthday Pyotr! And here you can listen to my interpretation of "October" from The Seasons Op. 37a: https://youtu.be/-_wNHAzqsUk

Also another great composer was born on the 7th of May - Johannes Brahms. I admire his music very much. In 2011 I recorded his fascinating 4 Klavierstücke, Op.119

Being a free artist

It's such an immense pleasure to work on music preparing only and exclusively for concerts, not competitions. When one can finally focus and think only about the beauty of the music. When one can finally listen only to the voice of heart and soul. When one can finally forget about "What will the jury think, write, like and dislike", when one can finally forget about the impossible chase of being perfect and concentrate on being himself. When one can finally express freely everything that is inside the soul and share it with the audience. When the Love towards Music is eventually at first place and nothing else is important. This feeling is almost like escaping from the invisible cage, retrieving the freedom. I thought I always had this attitude, but that was not fully true. Now there is time to perform 100% from the heart, and only for people for whom it is important and special enough to come for the concert. This is exactly why I am the pianist. And although sometimes hard, this makes my life artistically complete and fulfilled.

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Music is a moral law.
It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination, and charm, 
and gaiety to life and to everything.