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9.02.2017 – Lørenskog Hus, Norway

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Latest News & Headlines

Busan Grieg Concerto

The performance of Grieg Piano Concerto from Busan Cultural Center, South Korea, is already available on youtube on this link - https://youtu.be/jsjpqmHujos

Trip to Peru

It was one of the best trips in my entire artistic life - both musically and touristic. All the 4 concerts I have performed resulted in unusual reactions of the Peruvian audience. These people appreciate this art even more than Europe. I thinik it is mostly because they do not have it every day. When something is in our hand, sometimes we do not appreciate it as much. There were people attending my concerts who were on such events for the first time in their lives. There were hundreds of young people. I received a lot of extremely touching messages from the public about what has happened to their souls while listening to the beauty of music by Chopin, Szymanowski or Paderewski. It is very optimistic, encouraging and gives the true sense to what I am doing. Obviously it is wonderful to perform in Carnegie Hall, Kioi Hall etc. where there are concerts every day. But concerts such like those in Peru, Brazil or Africa which I gave earlier this year have something of the true spiritual experience. I am very glad that this music was understood by all. This would not be possible without a help of interpreters who translated my speech into Spanish. I came back full of positive energy, optimism and joy. Peru - Gracias !!!!

Peru 2016

Next month I will begin my concert tour in Peru. I have never visited this country and I am very excited to be able to present my music so far away. I will also have the opportunity to visit some of the Peruvian highlights - Machu Picchu, Colca Canyon, Arequipa (where I will also perform a concert). It is going to be extremely exciting and inspiring trip!

Asia Trip

Finally back home after many unexpected adventures. Instead of visiting Shanghai I ended up in Hong Kong, not being allowed to enter China because of the neglect of my former hotel in China as well as a big mess in the Chinese immigration office. But visitng Hong Kong was a great experience and this city absolutely captivated me to the fullest.
Getting a Special Prize at the Busan Maru International Music Festival is also a fantastic experience, especially since it is probably my last competition. Art competitions make sense only when we consider them as a way to reach the audience and recognition. I will always be against treating it as a kind of olympics. Every artist is equal as long as he/she has some message to transmit. This in my opinion is a true sense of being an artist.

Between Brazil and Asia

Just a week in Poland... about time to get used to the time zone, and than to leave again. Next week South Korea followed by a magical, wonderful Shanghai!

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Music is a moral law.
It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination, and charm, 
and gaiety to life and to everything.